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We offer free, non-judgemental advice and support for a range of issues.

How we can assist you and your loved ones

No referral needed but you can be referred by your GP, Plunket, Midwife, Mothercraft, self-referral, or Perinatal Mental Health. 

We know being a new parent and raising a family can be hard. Whether you are feeling down, lost, or anxious or want support with Mothercrafting or simply want to branch out and meet others like yourself, we are here to support you in your journey. 

Our friendly team cater for a range of needs or difficulties you may be experiencing. We provide experienced Health Professionals to provide education, guidance, and support for any concerns you may have whether it is your first or your fifth, we are here to help! 

We offer support with:

  • Introduction to bottle (including if mum is returning to work) 

  • Introduction to solids 

  • Unsettled babies 

  • Low or no weight gains 

  • Mothercrafting skills 

  • Perinatal anxiety or depression 

  • Sleep and settling concerns 

  • Parent classes in Young Parent Evenings 

  • Toddler behaviour 

  • Bottle and Breastfeeding support 

  • Reflux concerns 

Education Classes include:

  • Question and Answer Sessions 

  • Baby Movement and Massage 

  • Pelvic Floor classes 

  • Pilates sessions 

  • Yoga sessions 

  • Dads support group 

Waikato Family Centre Courses

Our service covers a huge range of Child and Maternal Health such as breastfeeding, adjustment to motherhood, sleep and its many concerns with babies, reflux in babies, introduction to bottle or solids. Toddlers and their many different challenges that parents are struggling with. 

Families stay for the day to enable us to observe and support families or can have up to an hour one on one consultation. 

Pelvic Floor Classes

We offer valuable group sessions which is coached be a professional Physiotherapist with a specialty in assisting women with the recovery of their Pelvic Floor following the birth of their baby. 

Pilates and Yoga

Join us in a guided course designed to help strengthen your core. Exercise is not only good for your physical health but your mental health too. 

This class is open for all skill levels, so you do not need any previous pilates experience to join the class and is coached by qualified Pilates and Yoga instructors. 

Mumz and Bubz Coffee Group

Sometimes a good coffee and a chat is what you need to make your week that little bit brighter. Meet fellow parents, connect with other mums, and make long-term friendships with our Mumz and Bubz Coffee Group! 

Young Parent Information Evenings

Once a month we run the Young Parent Information Evenings where education and support are given by our Health Professionals. We have guest speakers who provide relevant information to support our Young Parents with parenting skills e.g., CPR and how to manage a choking baby, Family Planning, Family Violence and the role of the Dad, Brain Development and Baby Massage. 

These valuable sessions provide some the tools to parent effectively and are well received, with feedback as “awesome”. Dinner and taxis are provided, Goodie bags and a draw of $100.00 gift card to one lucky dad. 

W.A.I hapori Parenting Program in Huntly

Empowering and supporting Waikato’s young parents.


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